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CTAE Students learn about skills needed for employment
 On Februay 1, SkillsUSA members provided an activity that would educate CTAE ninth and tenth graders on the needed essential soft skills necessary to enter the workforce.  The title of the activity was called, JOB READY! EXPECTATIONS NOW.  Most of these students will soon  gain employment and enter into the work based learning program at the school.  SkillsUSA members wanted to make sure that they are prepared not only to get a job but to keep a job.  Members had several business and industry representatives meet with the ninth and tenth graders to discuss soft skills that are needed for employment.

Business and industry representatives present included:  Ms. Quisha Matthews, State Farm, Ms. April Harris, Marble Slab; Ms. Keisha Doolittle, Georgia Department of Revenue; Ms. Alicia Harris, MARTA; and Bobby Light, 2014 Work Based Learning Graduate.  We are thankful that they were present to give insight to the 9th and 10ths on soft skills need.

SkillsUSA member, Sergio Garcia, thanked Ms. Alicia Harris and stated, “I am sure that the students learned something”.  Carlos Flores, agreed and stated, ”because I learned something too.  You have to work as a team player even if you hate the job”.  We want the business and industry people to come back and be a part of the Career Day Fair in March.